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TFBDT-3000 120 - Lin. smoke detector RX 120m

Linear-type optical smoke detector with point-to-point infrared light The system is composed of a controller and a pair of infrared receiver and transmitter. The controller can be installed remotely, the electrical connection between the controller and the receiver or the transmitter is made with 2 wires. It is possible to connect a second pair of receiver and transmitter to double the detection area. Independent functional settings as well as alarm and failure outputs for each pair – Programmable sensitivity – Adjustable range 5 to 120m – Integrated laser pointer – Dynamic compensation of the deterioration of sensitivity due to dust deposits – Good vibration and alignment tolerance – High false alarm immunity VDS, CPD, UL, EN 54-12 – Certification number 0786-CPD-21162

Item no.


TF9TFBDT3000120 Lin. smoke detector RX 120m