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TFDA-S1 - Addr. smoke detector

The TFDA-S1 is an addressable optical smoke detector. Functioning is supervised by a microprocessor the algorithm of which guarantees best detection features and high precision in the densimetric analysis of the smoke captured by the chamber. The automatic gain control (AGC) is able to compensate dynamically the loss of sensitivity caused by the deposits inside the smoke chamber. Should the detection capacity be compromised by the deposit of dust in the smoke chamber, this is automatically signaled to the fire alarm panel which will require maintenance. Programmable functions: 3 sensitivity levels, excludable LED signaling for data communication – Integrated actuator of electrical connection test – Integrated RSC® technology: programming, remote management of all functioning parameters – 2 signaling LED visible at 360° – Dual loop isolator – Connection to loop – Proprietary high-speed protocol Fire-Speed – Mounting on universal base TFBASE01 – IP22 – Casing ABS V0 – Dimensions (Ø x H) 100 x 52mm (mounting base not included) – White color EN 54-7:2000 + A1:2002 + A2:2006 – EN 54-17:2005 – Certification number 1293-CPR-0424
Dimensions (Ø x H) 100 x 52mm (mounting base not included)

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TF3TFDAS1 Addressable smoke detector - Integrated RSC® technology – Dual loop isolator – Proprietary high-speed protocol Fire-Speed - EN 54-7, EN 54-17