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TFDA-TR1 - Addr. heat detector

"Addressable rate-of-rise detector with programmable class and suffix Functioning is supervised by a microprocessor the algorithm of which guarantees high performance in the detection of the ambient temperature. Programmable functions: thermal class A1, A2 or B (static response temperature depending on the programmed class), suffix S or R, excludable LED signaling for data communication – Integrated actuator of electrical connection test – Integrated RSC® technology: programming, remote management of all functioning parameters – 2 signaling LED visible at 360° – Dual loop isolator – Connection to loop – Proprietary high-speed protocol Fire-Speed – Mounting on universal base TFBASE01 – IP22 – Casing ABS V0 – Dimensions (Ø x H) 100 x 52mm (mounting base not included) – White color EN 54-5:2000 + A1:2002 – EN 54-17:2005 – Certification number 1293-CPR-0526"
Dimensions (Ø x H) 100 x 52mm (mounting base not included)

Item no.


TF3TFDATR1 Addressable rate-of-rise detector - Programmable thermal class and suffix - Integrated RSC® technology – Dual loop isolator – Proprietary high-speed protocol Fire-Speed - EN 54-5, EN 54-17