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TFT-7 - Repeater panel

Repeater panel equipped with a multi-purpose user interface composed of a 7 inch TFT screen, a multilingual voice synthesis function with a bi-lingual mode, an acoustic signaling device as well as a vocal and graphic help function A total of 16 repeater panels can be distributed over the system. The integrated flash memory permits the customization of the graphic interface and the vocabulary by a PC or an external HDD connected to the USB port. A specific software module permits the implementation of the floor plan management. RS485 serial connection – Surface or flush mounting – Refined ultra-thin design – ABS V0 casing – IP40 – Dimensions (L x H x D) 225 x 157 x 35mm – Red cover plate (exchangeable)
Dimensions (L x H x P) 225 x 157 x 35mm

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TF2TFT7-UK Repeater panel equipped with 7 inch TFT screen